System Solutions

Equipment Upgrades

Krume & Associates, Inc. can be a valuable partner when system decisions need to be made. Is it time to upgrade your office technology? Have you been limping along with desktop computers that you bought years ago, and that no longer perform up to speed? If the system you are using looks like the picture on the right– call us today! Count on us to help you choose the proper new computing equipment and other hardware to make your system work efficiently.

Professional E-mail Services

Krume and Associates, Inc. can host secure accounts to provide business-quality e-mail service. In addition to e-mail, we provide real-time collaborative workspace, contact list sharing, calendars and protection from SPAM. All of this is delivered in a user-friendly package designed with the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses in mind. We provide a set of comprehensive collaboration tools based on e-mail, which remains the lifeblood of organizational communication.

Networking Services

Krume & Associates, Inc. offers a broad range of networking solutions. We design and install networked systems including high speed Internet connects, wireless and wired networks and remote access networks. We provide the hardware procurement, installation, training and maintenance. We also provide a full line of Operating Software installation, support and maintenance.

Website Hosting

Krume & Associates, Inc. provides web hosting for small and medium sized organizations. We utilize the latest technology and dedicated servers to provide high-speed, dependable service. Build and maintain your own web site or let us help you. Also ask about our FTP services to transfer and store large files for offsite delivery!

Printing/Peripheral Services

Krume and Associates, Inc. service all your printing needs. We have supported all types and models of computer printers including both laser and inkjet. We can plan printing systems to meet your organization needs, help you purchase the printers, install them and maintain them. We can also recommend the right printer for your office needs.

We can quickly solve connection issues, driver problems and problems with your peripheral equipment hardware.


We keep up with the latest technology available so that we can recommend the right solutions for your organization.

Krume and Associates, Inc. also offers Managed IT Services and Technical Support