Managed IT Services

In today’s environment, the success of many small businesses and organizations is increasingly determined by the performance, availability, and security of their IT and Network infrastructure. The explosive growth of the Internet and network computing has increased the demand for an “always on” infrastructure that requires new levels of service management and safeguards.

The increasing pressure on small businesses and organizations to measure and manage their IT and Network operations more efficiently and profitably has led to a growth in the demand for alternative service models that are more productive and cost-effective. This is why Krume and Associates offers a Managed Services Program for Small Business with four different levels of support–basic service (monitoring only) to full service (where we become your virtual IT department.)

This service is ideal for small businesses and organizations with 10 to 100 users looking to simplify management of their IT infrastructure and reduce the costs of servicing their technology investments. The solution includes hardware and software services for a low monthly cost.

Proactive Management

Managed Services is all about proactively managing, securing, and supporting a client’s IT/Network infrastructure to avoid failures and minimize downtime. Until now, the model for IT support was always the reactive break/fix model. This is not the best way of managing your IT operations.

Managed Services is about moving from the old reactive break/fix model to a fiduciary service model that is proactive. As your Managed Service Provider, it is our responsibility to effectively monitor the network and identify potential problems before they manifest as outages or disruptions. While helpful, monitoring alone is not enough. To be truly effective, there needs to exist a management component. It is one thing to indicate to a client that the backup failed last night or that the virus protection system is out of date and another to be proactive and take the appropriate action to fix the problem. These types of issues are too important to the security of IT operations.

Remember–this is all about being proactive to avoid failures and unpleasant surprises. The break/fix method is dangerous in today’s environment. We now live in a world filled with computer hackers, viruses, spyware, and hardware crashes.

Fortunately, clients are often not even of minor issues in a managed services program. Often, these minor issues are handled without any further difficulties or slowdowns. To the client, a Managed Service Program means more up-time, fewer outages, higher service levels, and ultimately lower costs. Consider the impact that a total computer outage might have on your business– no doubt it would be thousands of dollars in lost productivity and revenue.

Our clients do business with us because of trust, comfort, local availability, proven technical skills, and quality of service. Due to affordable technology and tools, it is now possible for us to provide the same management services tools that at one time were only available to the Fortune 500. Our management software tools have a dashboard that tells you at a glance how your IT operations are performing, and can monitor over 1,000 application metrics in real-time.

Pricing for Managed Services

Krume and Associates, Inc. provides Managed Services on a contractual basis– via phone, e-mail, help-desk, remotely, or on-site– and these services are paid for by subscription. If you are interested in setting up Managed Services for your business, contact us to discuss a plan.


  • Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Remote Management
  • Scripting
  • Security
  • Patch Management
  • User Management
  • Executive Reporting
  • More Uptime
  • Priority Response Time
  • Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Lower IT Costs

Krume and Associates, Inc. also offers System Solutions and Technical Support