Permissions to Folders Tip !!!

At times, you may find you cannot gain access to a certain folder on a hard drive. This may be more of a problem when you install a new Computer, and attached your old hard drive to the new Computer so you can copy the data. In general, the new Computer will treat the old hard drive as a “foreign” drive…and NOT trust you to have access to all the folders. You may experience this problem at other times, like if Malware changed the permissions on various folders. How do you get access without having to go through various permissions/security settings?

One easy solution, try to use a Directory program, like TreeSize. This program from is considered “freeware”, which suggests you can use it for free. At times, the license may suggest it is free for personal use and not for commercial use. So, please pay attention to the terms and conditions before using it in a commercial environment.

TreeSize will scan the entire contents of the attached hard drive and can allow you access to all the folders. It does this because it can login with “system” account and gain access. You can right click on any folder and/or file and perform a copy to copy all the files you need to your new Computer. TreeSize Free will not scan Mapped Drives, so for that you would need to purchase TreeSize Pro. TreeSize Pro is available as a trial version, so you can test it before purchase.

I often use TreeSize to inform me about where all the data is and how it is stored. With this information, I might find some programs are taking more of my hard drive than they should. For example, your Antivirus program may keep years of updates in an “update” folder and these can be cleared out to save space.

TreeSize is highly recommended. There are many others that do the same thing, so you can experiment on your own.

Hope that helps.

Best regards.