Outlook Moves Most Emails to Junk Folder

A client contacted us about a problem he was having with most new emails going directly to Outlook’s Junk Email Folder. At first, it was suspected the client had setup up a faulty rule in Outlook. That was not the case. We reviewed and researched issues with Exchange Server possibly marking these emails as spam. No luck with Exchange. At this time, we performed various possible solutions such as setting up a new Outlook profile, turning off spam protection, etc. The problem continued. The client had been receiving emails on his laptop for years with no trouble.

It did not appear to be a problem with Outlook/Exchange Server. Therefore, could it be something else?

Most clients have a mobile connection to their Exchange Server. Turning off the ActiveSync connection corrected the problem. Additional research suggested there may have been a spam filter on the Mobile (Android based). Finally, it was discovered that a new App had been installed and it only allowed emails from the “safe list” to pass properly to the Inbox. All other emails would be forwarded to the Junk Email Folder. We revised the settings and emails started to flow properly.

Moral to this story: Be careful installing Apps on your Mobile. It may have some unintended consequences.

Hope that helps.

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